How You Got Here


I am so thrilled that everyone who chooses my hand lettered prints and gifts knows they are getting a special treat from the heart to enjoy themselves and share the love!

Before I created Love Child Designs I was a full time hairstylist of over 10 years, with a few years of retail experience already under my belt. Then, I moved away from my home state for the very first time.

On top of being away from friends and family, we moved to a small town that is more secluded (we don’t even have internet service at home!) than we realized. After months of searching for work, I finally got a position as a hairstylist at a small family salon. I was working part time which left me with a lot of free time on my hands to dwell on my situation. Long story short, being an outsider from the big city in small town left me feeling discouraged. As a Coast Guard family we will move every 3-5 years, but I was not ready for these kind of changes!

Then one day I stumbled upon hand lettering. I saw a small business ad featuring a video of someone lettering a quote and it was beautiful! I wanted to do THAT. I spent hours researching exactly what hand lettering meant, what tools to use, and how to learn it. I found a lettering community on Instagram and was instantly hooked.

All the positivity, encouragment and knowledge I received from fellow newcomers, established mentors and everything in between made me feel so loved and welcomed. Seeing everyone’s unique, colorful designs being made with letters was (and still is!) so inspiring. I spent months learning, practicing and refining my skills. All of my free time was suddenly nonexistent, and while being a lefty made it trickier at times (hello lefty shmear!), I found practicing my newfound skill to be theraputic.

I began sharing my work on social media, and giving hand lettered  gifts to friends and family because I wanted them to feel what I did when I started to letter. I wanted everyone to feel the love and share it with others, and decided I would do this by starting my own business selling hand lettered prints and gifts.

At first I was worried that no one would appreciate my efforts. My thoughts were that there are so many other people that are already doing exactly what I wanted to, and they were much MUCH more qualified and established than me. They knew what they were doing. I just had a silly idea! I was afraid and clueless and almost decided to leave my passion a hobby.

But then I remembered why I started lettering in the first place. I needed to feel inspired, loved, welcomed. Learning and sharing my lettering is so fulfilling, how could I not share the love with everyone else? Plus, all of those years (and years..) of customer service taught me how to make each and every person I came in contact with feel special somehow, and that is something I didn’t want to stop doing. I want to help create a ripple effect of what the world needs more of now more than ever, love.

I decided I would do this by creating fun-loving unique hand lettered designs for everything from prints, to mugs and t-shirts so that you can treat yo’ self and share the love!

It turns out, the road was more difficult than I imagined…

Learning how to digitize my work, build a website and a business without any background in design, graphic arts, or business was challenging to say the least! My first business cards were not pretty, and my hubby maybe thought I was having and affair…with the computer. Yikes. Not having internet service at home means a lot of visits and time spent at the local librayr, and when that isn’t an option I work again on my little iPad screen (which I am typing this with), or even my iPhone! Let’s just say it is much harder and more time consuming than I ever thought it would be.

With help and support from friends, family, and a very supportive husband, I was motiviated to keep moving forward. I even decided to quit my part time job to dedicate all of the time I could to my new love child (business)!

I released my first ever products and the response has been nothing but love! I look forward to sharing my journey as Love Child Designs continues to grow.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!

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